Question Interesting google internet discussion with roommate...


Sep 11, 2018

I had some information given to me by my new roommate and it doesn't seem right. I am looking for advice on multiple internet and google wifi insight.

The place I moved to has google wifi set up by the current roommate. I have only ever used Ethernet cables for my internet to reduce lag issues in gaming.

He only has one Ethernet cable plug in slot for the wifi. I now have a decent asus network card and am running wifi on my PC. however there is a noticable difference from wire to wifi, obviously.

Here's where I am confused, he told me this: "I configured it with a static ip and set addresses that shouldn conflict with nearby networks" "I also disabled comcast (the popular internet provider in my area) ability to use it for wifi, it your wifi doesnt work then nothing but a cable will"

  1. How is it that he can disable internet for the whole house from another ISP?
  2. Given that this is an internet he set up with his computers, is he able to track my internet usage? My information ? I ask due to some other issues making me feel like he is controlling and I wouldn't be surprised if he was this invasive.
I do plan on moving out ASAP, btw.
Not sure what you are asking google wifi is not the ISP if the service is delivered by comcast. If you had google fiber then they would be the ISP.

I suspect all he did was disable the wifi on the comcast box and use google ap device to replace the wifi in your house. He is correct comcast will use your modem/router as a hotspot for other people to use. They pretend this has no impact....ya sure. You can actually turn it off in your comcast account but turning off the wifi radios is a guaranteed way.

Not sure if he monitors but google wifi crap does. Not sure what I would never install that system.

Pretty simple solution though just spend $10/month and get a good vpn provider. They will just see encrypted traffic going to some ip and if the really wanted to know they would like be able to tell which vpn provider you are using.