Question Intermitent monitor output


Jan 24, 2011
I've been bugged about this for a while. I have ryzen 2600x with rx570 and three monitor setup 2xhdmi and 1x dvi

So i have 1 24" monitor on hdmi 1080p, another 22" monitor 1680x1050 on dvi, and a tv on hdmi 1080p

In this current setup, on the TV when i watch a movie audio and video cuts for half a second at 5-10 minutes intervals. This never happens to the monitors.

The old setup was working perfect with the same cables. (q9550 with old hd5770 gpu - this had a quirk powering only two monitors, so when i wante the tv output i would disable the second monitor on my desk and enable the hdmi tv. It can't run all three having only two clocks for dvi-hdmi-vga, while displayport does not need a clock but don't have any display port monitor or tv.. so i could run only two monitors on vga-dvi-hdmi combined, and have another monitor on displayport)

One detail, the hdmi cable to the tv has 10meters length, but it works perfect with no cutouts on my old rig.

Can't test another cable easy, but i have the old rig right next to it running it in KVM mode with software from my main ryzen rig. Anyway, tested that cable-tv combo with my old rig, wathed a movie of 3+hours (lawrence of arabia - nice) with no cutouts or flikers of any sort, but on my rizen rig is getting annoying every 5-10-15minutes)
Is the cable too long and power output differ on the old hd5770 with the rx570? or is it a test I can make to diagnose the cause?

Theese cutouts are made by the tv losing signal. Like unplugging the hdmi and plugging it back very quickly resulting in re-reading the hdmi port source. Tv shows hdmi on screen like swithing sources.
Tried both hdmi's of the tv and works the same: intermitent with my new rig, flawless with my old rig.

Any suggestions?