Question Intermittent FPS drops after restarting the computer


Dec 4, 2015
For around 2 months now I have been getting massive fps drops in every game after i restart or switch off my PC
Every 3-4 minutes the fps drops about half to around 40-50 and lasts maybe 20 seconds, recovers then repeats and this could go one for a day or two before I can play without it happening
so long as I haven't reset or switched my PC off during that time. I can put it into sleep mode and not have the issues appear.

Things I have tried are reinstalling drivers and reinstalling the games, uninstalling programmes like CC cleaner and MSI afterburner, cleaning the inside of my case/fans/cpu etc.
Also just done a full reinstall of windows and made sure windows was up to date and that video drivers and stuff where installed but still it happens
I have monitored task manager and afterburner to see if there is any spikes during the fps drops and nothing changes. The temperatures all seem fine my cpu's highest was around 65
and my gpu's highest was 72 after about an hour of gameplay.

I don't notice any kind of system issues like slowing or freezing. But if I have a game open and the fps drops and then I alt-tab out I can notice the rest of my pc runs slower for that duration like 20 seconds

Any advice / help is appreciated if I haven't included enough details, sorry and let me know if there's anything else i can include.

Specs :
Windows 10
GTX 1060 3GB
12GB Hyperx ram 1866
AMD FX 8350
x2 Kingston SSDs