Intermittent Graphics Drivers/Graphics Card Problems


Dec 22, 2010
Hello, I have an Alienware Aurora m9700 laptop with two nvidia 7900 gs 256mb video cards SLi'ed together and lately I having been some problems with my graphics card drivers. It seems the problem is intermittent because randomly, after having the computer on for a few hours, the graphics driver for one of my graphics cards, when I look in Device Manager, says the driver has stopped working because it has an error. So, I tried disabling and re-enabling the driver hoping it would work, since it has worked before when this problem occurred, but it did not resolve. Then I un-installed and re-installed the actual driver, but the video didn't even boot up after restarting for the install. Now, I am in safe mode looking in my device manager and the error on the graphics has resolved yet still the visual won't boot up normally. I'm not sure why this is happening because I just recently reseated and cleaned my video cards and my computer was working for maybe a day or so until now. Hopefully, somebody can help me before i have to spend alot of money on a new graphics card or even a new computer. Any help would be grealty appreciated. Thank You