Question Intermittent Network loss


Apr 22, 2014
crosshair v formula z MOBO
win ultimate 7 x64 service pack 1
ASUS PCE-N53 300Mbps 11n dual band Wireless PCI-E card - MediaTek driver
Intel(R) 82583V Gigabit Network Connection - intel driver

I built this computer a few years ago, and i remember having the same problem in every place ive taken it. It has been the same with different ISPs, Routers, wired and WIFI. By now, i think it is just a hardware problem and not fixable. However, i am asking for two reasons. one, i dont know a whole lot about networking, so there is probably many things i missed, and two, i keep seeing there are newer drivers out there, but even afte trying to delete the current (and all) drivers and downloading and installing what i think is the newest diver, it still shows a years old one.

Sometimes i go weeks or months with no connection issues. sometimes i boot up or wake up from sleep and have to restart and run diagnostics many times before i get a connection. it seems to be the same with wired and wifi. also sometimes i will not have a connection even though it shows full bars and diagnostics says i am connected. it will last for a few minutes then come back on, and then stay on or repeat... other devices dont have the same connection problems so i dont think its the router, plus this happened like i said at different places.

Any ideas, or anything else you need to know, let me know, and i will try them when i get home from work tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

Try booting a linux live cd/usb and see what happens under that environment. If you have the same issues, probably a hardware problem as you assessed. But that can be fixed simply with a new nic. Otherwise, it's a driver issue (still).