Question Intermittent PC starting issue -- contact related ?

Jun 15, 2021
I searched for this question, but the related threads were not specific to my issue.

I recently started having boot issues. My PC runs fine, no overheating or crashing.
When the PC is rebooted, however, it will not output video (black screen) and all of the fans spin up like crazy.
I remove the graphics card and it boots up fine
However, if I then reinstall the graphics card, it will boot up fine and it performs well....until I reboot ?
Could this be a PCIe connection issue? What does the fan spin-up indicate?

Computer Model: HP Elite 8300 SFF
Power Suply: 320W
OS: Windows 10 x64
Graphics Card: Zotac TX 1650 GDDR6


Cleaning the video cards contacts, as well as the PCIe contacts resolved the issue.

I am convinced these are caused by intermittent connection issues, which especially affect older hardware that has seen some use. When cleaning out a PC, generally a user will remove all plugs, RAM, and PCIe cards in order to blow out dust.
This can lead to a dust and dirt making its way between electrical contacts in vacated slots, where they previously couldn't go.
My advice to anyone in this boat is to clean and reseat any electric contacts they exposed during the procedure.

As an aside:
the term GPU refers to the processor on the graphics card. The GPU itself is just part of the card, which can come in different brands, core speed, VRAM, and cooling configurations.
You wouldn't call a motherboard a CPU just because it has a processor installed.
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