Question Intermittent problem with ethernet not fully connecting ?

Jan 21, 2022
So I've been having trouble with my ethernet since ~October. It started when Comcast was doing some work in the area.

Ever since then, every now and then, my PC won't fully connect to the Internet. Its like everything else in our house works minus my PC. On mine, Youtube will work, but Outlook won't, Twitter works halfway (like the main page loads, minus the trending and any pages I follow.) It's happened sometimes after I've shut down the PC or disconnected the ethernet and reconnected it.

When this has happened, if I try rebooting the PC, that has sometimes worked I think, but that was more in the beginning - it hasn't lately. I have tried reconnecting the ethernet from my PC to the router and even disconnecting all the other ethernet wires connected to other devices (1 time that worked). I tried disconnecting my CPU twice and putting it back in. Both times I think that worked. We even got a new router and that didn't really help - the issue still happened. I also got a device so my PC can connect to WIFI (cause I don't have a WIFI card in my PC) and that didn't help. Lastly, it seems like things that worked in the past, don't anymore.

It's been weird because its like when my PC has had this issue, it has affected our whole internet throughout the house sometimes. A guy from Comcast came out today and fixed our Internet (because this was happening to my PC again and then the internet didn't work at all after I tried rebooting the router). After he got the internet up and running, it was working on all the other devices, except mine again.

I've tried fixing this issue multiple times and it seems like my PC has just been getting slower every time this happens or like it has trouble booting up or something. It's odd too because when this has happened, sometimes Premiere Pro won't work, and that doesn't even require an internet connection. Premiere Pro is a video editing software that primarily uses the CPU, so I'm wondering if it has to do with my CPU at all. I will say I got it off Amazon and it was used but it said it was in good condition.

I'm not sure what's going on. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Update your post to include your computer's full system hardware specs and OS information.

On your computer run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Then do the same on another network computer that is not having problems.

Post the results being sure to indicate the source computer.

And ensure that your computer does not have both the wired and the wireless network adapter enabled. One or the other - not both at the same time.