Question Intermittent shutdowns with RGB on, fans still spinning, & CPU LED liighting up on the board ?


Jul 21, 2012
So lately my PC just shuts down automatically (event viewer error 41) and most times it will shutdown with RGB still on and Fans still spinning and the CPU error light on my MSI Carbon AC Pro b450 board turning on.

BUT sometimes, it does randomly shut down with everything off like it's lost power.

It tends to happen anytime during general usage and also during Gaming. But its not stress-related. I can stress my PC using MSI Kombustor or something like that and it doesn't shut down then.

I have had this problem on and off for a couple of months now so I have tried a lot of common troubleshooting steps.

I have also so far tried the following:
  1. Ultimately replaced my Corsair CX 650 PSU and Bought a (well-reviewed) 750w Gold rated PSU from Zebronics. (problem seemed to go away for a week or so after PSU change but then it came back yesterday. Still, the problem is so random that I can not be sure that the new PSU is now the cause)
  2. Made sure PC isn't overheating, checked CPU and GPU temps and they don't go over 80 for GPU and 70 for CPU.
3.Tinkered with bios settings like turning off XMP (still happens)

4. Tinkered with Windows settings like turning off Sleep Mode.

5. Made sure the GPU is fine by testing it in another system.

6. Tried other stuff like replacing the power cable that goes into the PSU, changed the socket the PC is plugged into etc.

My Specs:

MSI B450 Carbon AC Pro board
Ryzen 3600 CPU
16gb Corsair Lpx ddr4 3000mhz RAM,, (8gb x 2)
Colorful RTX 3070 Card
Zebronics gold-rated 750w PSU
1tb WD black Nvme SSD
1tb Kingston Nvme SSD
2tb Seagate Barracuda hdd


What BISO version are you currently on for your motherboard? That Zebronics PSU isn't something I'd have in my system. If I were you, I'd stick with Seasonic or Corsair(higher tier units). How old was the CX unit in your build? Was it the grey labelled unit or the green labelled unit? What version of Windows 10 are you working with? As for your BIOS, once you're sure you're on the latest BIOS version, manually input the timings, frequency and voltage for your ram kit and see if the issue persists. The issue to me seems power related, whereby you might be suffering from a grounding issue(in your house). Do you get a minor shock when you touch the system with your bare feet making contact with a bare floor?

By replacing the power cables, are you referring to the IEC cable/connector or the internal harness from PSU to components? If the latter, please be warned that not all PSU's pinout are the same so you should only replace the PSU's modular cables with cables that are meant for the PSU. Sleeved extensions on your build?


Jul 21, 2012
I was in a dilemma myself about the PSU. I wanted to go for trusted brands like Corsair and Cooler Master but then I saw this Gold rated PSU with Modular cables and it was reviewed well on my countries Amazon. The price was just a bit more than what would buy me a bronze rated or white rated PSU from cooler master... So I decided to take a chance.

Now I'm kicking myself ofc because the issue has returned 9 days after I got the delivery and Amazon only had a 7 day return period!

Edit: My Bios version is E7B85AMS.1B0.

My Windows, I keep it updated so what ever is recent unless a specific version can cause this?

I had the grey type of Corsair CX 650 before I think. The box and cables were all black but it had grey lettering on it I guess.

I'm gonna try to change ram timings as you suggested but I tested the Ram using a software called OCCT and it passed after a 1 hour test so I doubt that will fix the problem.

As for earthing issues, I had that but I had that fixed and now the pc is plugged into a socket with proper earthing and doesn't give a shock anywhere.

And finally, I meant the cable that goes from back of the PSU/PC cabinet into the wall outlet in my original post.

I'm also gonna try updating the Bios and changing the CMOS battery btw. Please let me know if you also think of something.
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