Question Intermittent Stuttering when gaming (audio and graphics)

Jul 8, 2021
Hey all,
Looking for some advice, for the past few months I've been having a issue when playing any game on my PC - strangely this doesn't always happens and sometimes all works fine, but when it starts in normally persists for 45-60 minutes before stopping for a while.

I have recorded the video below to show the issue, turn sound on for the full effect as it shows the issue much better than the visual. This is happening both online and offline gaming.

- you can see in the video FPS isn't dropping.

So far I have tried a clean install of Windows 10 and also installed all games to a new drive (same SSD for operating system though)


Ryzen 7 2700
GTX 1070
hi, try go to bios and reset bios settings (use bios default setttings) and dont change anything, just save and reboot, if pc boots up, see if issue goes away, if pc doesnt boot up, if CSM is enabled , disable it, or enable CSM if its disabled, this would fix windows not booting up after bios reset
if you still have issue with stuttering after bios reset (with only CSM/UEFI change), then some driver is causing high interrupts, for this theres utility called latency mon
open it, press play button and minimize it, run games until u get stuttering, latencymon should have some results
btw switching game to fullscreen will cause high DPC/ISR with GPU drivers in latencymon aswell, this is normal and you can ignore that