Question Intermittent TV screen flicker with Palit RTX 4090 ?


Dec 19, 2016
MSI Tomohawk B450 Max ii
AMD Ryzen 5700g
32 GB DDR4 3600 Ram
Palit RTX 4090
Corsair 1000e PSU
1 TB Samsung 980 nvme
Samsung S95B TV


I am experiencing intermittent screen flickering.

Sometimes hours go by and its absolutely fine. Then it starts and it just seems to escalate to a point where the screen is going black for a second or two, like its switching to a new source or something. Then it will seem to calm down for no apparant reason.

I have tried replacing the graphics card, the tv and the hdmi cable. I still get the flickering. I have updated my MB bios, my cpu and GPU drivers. Ive tried a fresh install of windows.

The tv displays in a 120 hz refresh rate. Ive matched my pc settings to this in windows. The TV also has a 'game mode' not entirely sure what this does, but it flickers both when its on and when its off. Sometimes switching this seems to have an effect on the flickering sometimes it has no effect at all.

I might be wrong about this, but it seems worse when the system is first on, like it needs to warm up. It flickers randomly no matter what I am doing. it can be a game or an app or even just on desktop.

I have a video showing it really going to town with the screen going black a few times inbetween the flickering but I dont seem able to upload it here.

Any ideas appreciated.