Question Internal hard drive is showing in bios but not in divice manager or disk maneger..

Aug 7, 2021
I got 1 hdd and 1 ssd . Os is installed in ssd so windows is oping perfectly, but when I CLICK on my computer(application/this pc ) hdd is not showing up but sdd is showing. I also looked for it in device manager , there also under storage sdd is showing hdd is not . It is working perfectly for 3 years , so at first i thought my hdd must be damaged,but i am sure that it is safe from external damge. So it cant be. Then i looked up in bios there i saw , it showing 2 storege device ..( both ssd and hdd) but with inside nothing is showing about the hdd..
Please help me, if you need any info about the situation please comment .


Win 10 Master
is hdd set to ahci?

do a hard reboot of windows 10 first [press reset button on computer] so it will load everything again [may boot longer].

then, open windows explorer, on left list menu find My Computer , right click on it and from pop-up menu choose "manage", when Computer Management opens, select Disc Manager and your hard drive should be there [if it was not initialized, Windows will automatically give you an option to initialize it and format it]