Question Internal hard drive problem (disappearing)

Feb 8, 2020
Hello and thank you for putting the time to read this!
So This has been happening for some time now (around 3 months give or take ) while mid use my D drive would randomly disconnect and disappear completely, It would get fixed after a restart or a few, sometimes I needed to completely shut down and start the laptop again to get it to appear.
while this happened the device couldn't be found in the bios mode (The area where you press f4 to get too while the computer is booting up )
And recently it has gotten a bit worse I suppose,
And as for info :
I have a laptop : asus rog752vsk
and this is what I found out is related to The topic!
And also It would be a great help if anyone could decipher here And provide a guide of sort for me to able to be understand what on earth is going on with these numbers on crystal disk.
Is anything else needed ?
this are the crystal disk infos of both drives , My problem is with the D: Drive , dont know if the other one has a problem or not .