Question Internal HDD keeps randomly appearing and disappearing ?

Aug 14, 2021
I just gave my friend my old pc in which we done a clean wipe for his new windows account, we had a perfectly fine internal hard drive installed and after a day of installing games to it, the hard drive disappeared.. No trace of it in the bios, on windows nor on the disk management so we couldn't find the problem. We tried everything to find it using chkdsk and trying to rescan disks as well as unplugging and plugging the hard drive back in.

We thought this one had coincidently failed or broke so we installed another hard drive which seemed to be working fine for a day of installing games to it and even playing them and creating restore points. However, when he shut it down or put it to sleep mode, the hard drive again would disappear. We again tried all the stuff we had tried before and had the exact same problem with a different hard drive. After a day, he turned the pc on to find the hard drive appearing on windows like nothing had happened, all the files and games where there and all was fine. But we decided to re format it and change its volume letter and name and re install everything to it.

This seemed to work for 1-2 days until this afternoon where he turned the pc on and the hard drive, yet again, had disappeared. At this point we had enough of this so we just left it until about an hour ago where he turned it on hoping that it would magically appear again and it did. At first we thought it was a game called ARK: survival evolved corrupting the disk after the first time the hard drive disappeared after playing the game and the second time where he installed it, the hard drive disappeared. But when we didnt install it to the new hard drive it still managed to disappear so at this point we are truly stumped so if anyone has any suggestions on what might be happening we are all ears.