[SOLVED] Internal HDD No Longer Detected/Working, Making Funny Noise


Aug 10, 2015
I've got a WD Green Caviar Drive 1TB HDD that suddenly stopped working on me. When I started up my system in the morning, there were some "funny" sounds coming out of my tower. They sounded a bit like scratching, but more smacking, as if a fan blade was being interrupted. The drive was already not being detected at this point, but when I went into the tower and moved some things around, I was able to deal with the bigger sound (I think that had to do with my GPU and was coincidentally happening at the same time but a different problem altogether).

I have tried the following:
-Swapping out the SATA data cable
-trying a different SATA power cable (from my other internal drive that still works)
-tried putting it in an external case
-Reading other posts (general Googling of the problem)
-tried various recovery software (EaseUS, Recova, Pandora, Wondershare, and more)

The closest I've come to Windows, or the software recognizing the drive is when it's plugged in as an external drive. Windows (Disk Management) treats it as a "not initialized" disk, and Pandora said that the MBR was corrupt and needed fixing (tried using its fix with no positive result). In Windows Disk Management, if you right-click on the drive, it says it's working properly but that the capacity is 0 (this is a 1tb drive)

Hardware wise, the HDD doesn't make its usual fast spinning-up sound when it starts up. Instead, there's a scratchy, slower spinning, pause, same thing again, pause, and that goes on 3-4 times before it falls silent.

Any suggestions on how I can recover my data, if not the drive? I've read up other threads and sites but nothing that seems similar enough to my particular problem.

In case it makes a difference, this drive was used to store my files, my OS is on another drive.