Question Internal HDD Shows Up As Removable Drive (and two more questions)

Oct 29, 2019
So you're about to read some stupid questions and I'm sorry but I have to learn this stuff somehow.
I recently purchased a brand new computer with the system requirements I need for my work. Yesterday I decided to install two hard drives that were installed on my previous rig and have the following problems:

1.The SSD (Drive C) with my OS suddenly shows up as a removable drive.
2 The two installed hard drives are shown to be four(?)
3 Drives 'F' and 'H' which are actually one disk are also shown as removable drives although I can't eject them from the options on bottom right.
Today I disconnected both hard drives and started the PC and saw that my Windows C drive stopped showing as a removable drive. Now I connected both of them and it's the same as before.

Is there a way to fix these problems? Make my drives show up as internal discs as intended and maybe have only two more drives show up instead of four (E, F, G, H) ?