Internal HDD


Feb 21, 2010
I have two 250 Sata hdd with 3 OS in total. Let us use Sata A & Sata B to differentiate between the two hdd. Sata A has windows 7 OS. Sata B is running both windows 7 & windows Xp OS. So my question is can i have the opition of running between the three OS when i boot up?
Because i've been unable to do so thus far when i boot up with both hdd. It only allows me to boot from one hdd at a time. Many Thanks in advance....
There is a progrma called EasyBCD.

I don't know if you can set it up for Tri-Boot, to 2 different disks, but I think so.

You'll tell the progam where the MBR are, and what to name the versions, and which drive is the primary boot drive. Once all set up, you'll get a screen on boot up to choose which version you want to boot to.

Do some research (google) on "Dual Boot" and "EasyBCD."