Internal SATA drive not detected after power outage

Sep 26, 2018
We have a SATA internal SSD that is not being detected after a weekend constant power outages. I tried the drive in an identical workstation with the same results. All settings in the bios are correct, so I assume it is a failure on the drives control board. However, when using a SATA to usb adapter with my laptop, the drive initializes and all works perfectly. Am I missing something?

I already ordered a replacement drive, but since I've never personally seen this issue I thought I'd throw it out here. Any input would be appreciated.
some ssd have in there firmware power and data protection. if the drive power drops to many times the drive may go into lockout mode. if it does the drive may be readable but no write to it. you may have to do a secure erase or firmware update to fix the issue. I would also ask the ssd vendor if there is a lock out for power or end of life. intel ssd have end of lfe data protection. the drive goes into read mode only when smart hits end of life for drive writes. the drive firmware then gives you a set amount of power cycles before the drive locks out. to back your data up.