Question Internal USB hub stays powered after PC goes to sleep

Nov 21, 2018
I bought an internal USB 2.0 hub because I bought a WiFi card with Bluetooth that needed a USB port on the mobo, and the two ports I had were full. Anyway, I have my AMD Prism cooler and Corsair Commander Pro hooked up to the hub. When the PC goes to sleep, my LL fans stay on, but switch to the default rainbow lighting profile. Then when I wake the PC up, the fans do not switch back. This has to be something to do with the hub, because at first, the fans would stay on after I turned the PC off, but then I turned off fast boot in windows, and at least the fans turned off with the PC. Also, the hub is powered by SATA. What setting could this be that's allowing the fans and RGB to stay on when the PC sleeps? They obviously getting power from the Commander Pro, because that's SATA powered, too, but I've never had this problem until I installed this hub.