Internal wired bose 802


Jul 15, 2011
if they aren't supposed to be wired in a series alone then it will probably be a combination of parallel and series , i would first check a couple drivers with an ohm meter and see what dc resistance reads . and also find out what the speaker assembled should be rated for ohms because you are going to want ot be close to that rating when you are finished reassembling these , so if say , the speaker assembled would be an 8 ohm speaker , and you have 8 drivers that are 1 ohm each , wiring in a series would achieve 8 ohm . now if the speaker should be 4 ohm and you have 8 - 1ohm drivers there isn't any way them drivers could produce a sum of 4 ohms . hope this helps get on the trail to figuring this one out. the schematic for some reason isn't readily available . you could figure this out easier than you can get the wiring drawing .
this shouldn't be too difficult to figure out using a volt meter to check ohms , and logic and deduction . if you need a clue or two take a look at the 901's look at all the series the first series they were wired in series and parallel and the later series parallel only but they a quite similar.i think series 3 and 4 are the closest series of 901's to the 802. i would surely start by finding out how many ohms the speaker is rated , because how ever this goes together a ohm meter should read close to what this speaker is rated for ohms be it 4 6 or 8 ohm