Question Internet access limited to browser or just Google search, depending on device. No app internet access.

May 17, 2023
I moved to a new apartment, and got Xfinity internet, using the same modem I have been using for three years. Over WiFi, my android phone can only access Google chrome, and is getting fast internet. All sites work in chrome, but no apps on the phone work.
On my desktop, Google search has internet access, but no sites can be accessed (including other Google sites). On my laptop, chrome can load anything, but no apps (like steam) have access. Using Ethernet or WiFi does not affect this.
I cannot access my router's IP of
I have been searching for solutions for two days, and have not even found someone else with the same problem, and nothing seems to change this. EXCEPT: if I forgot the network and reconnect, I have about 10 seconds where everything on my phone can access the internet. Background programs also randomly load, but usually do not.
Plz halp
This is strange. What it appears is web browser traffic ports are allowed and everything else is blocked.
If it was just the pc you would look at the firewall settings since if microsoft thinks you are not on a local/private network it will only allow web traffic.
Although you can also do this with apps on a phone it is much more likely it is some router setting.

What is very strange is is not a common ip used for a router. Are you sure you have that correct,
use the IPCONFIG command and look at the gateway ip, that should be your router.