Internet access over wireless network.


Aug 7, 2006
I built a computer for the first time a few months ago. It's built on an ASUS P5W DH motherboard. A couple of weeks ago, the company I work for replaced my desktop computer with a laptop. Now I can log in from home and access everything, just like I'm at work.

I've beem diconnecting my home computer from the Comcast cable modem and plugging in the work laptop. It works just fine, but then the other computer is tied up and no one else can use it while I'm working.

The ASUS motherboard has hardware on it that will let me set it up as a WiFi Access Point, and supposedly wirelessly network other computers with it and access the internet wirelessly through the Comcast cable modem.

I followed the instructions that came with the motherboard and set the Access Point, and set up the laptop to connect to it through the wireless card in the laptop.

The home computer says the network it working and says it's connected to the Access Point, and shows good signal strength and everthing seems to work. The laptop also finds the network and says it's connected to it it with good signal strength and I think it should be working, but now what?

The latptop won't connect to the internet when I open IE and I don't see any way to access either computer from the other when they are suppossedly networked. When I set up the Access Point, I checked the box allowing connected computers to access the internet, but even though the two say they are networked together....., I see no way to access files on the other computer or access the internet wirelessly.

Any help for this technically challanged, aging baby boomer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any answers to what I'm overlooking!


You would be better off with a wireless router. Post the output from "ipconfig/all" from each computer. Did you setup ICS on the desktop computer?


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