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Question internet accessible but "no internet, secured"

Apr 14, 2020
my PC is having a problem right now. yes, i can access the internet (like google and online games) , but all windows 10 services that require internet like cortana, microsoft store, etc. isn't available.
here is the screenshot
View: https://imgur.com/EvXcc2g

look at the bottom right.

and here's cortana (the windows service that always help me finding my lost files)
View: https://imgur.com/cgFonqu

what's happening with this windows 10?

thank you for your time!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Things you can do:

Run and post the results of "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Ensure that only one network adapter, either wired or wireless, is enabled.

Run "ipconfig /flushdns" via the Command Prompt.

Failing that, try "sfc /scannow" via the Command Prompt to have Windows look for and repair damaged files.

What make and model router do you have? The router's logs, if available and enabled, may provide some clue.
Who has full access rights to the router? You will need help from that person.