Question Internet completely shuts off when downloading a large file

Aug 31, 2019
Hey guys! Let me first start by saying that I have spent the last 2 days on the forums trying to find an answer but haven't yet. Maybe my case is more specific so hopefully you guys can help.

Some background:
I have a Dell desktop computer I purchased about 7-8 months ago but due to work and travelling I haven't been able to even turn it on until 3 days ago. I turned it on (Windows 10 already installed) and started to download programs (Discord, steam app, antivirus, etc) and everything seemed to work fine.

As of right now the programs on my computer that I installed since turning it on are: uTorrent,, CCleaner, Discord, DriverEasy, Epic Games Launcher, iOrbit Uninstaller, League of Legends, Firefox, Steam, WhatsApp and Avast! Anti Virus. I'm not sure if any of this even matters but I want to give everyone as much information as possible. This computer is pretty much at stock except the 7-8 programs I have already downloaded.

I'm connected via Ethernet cord. My modem is a ARRIS TG3452A/CG and all our Ethernet cords are plugged into the back of that. I have called my internet provider and they said they see no issues on their end.

So after I downloaded the above mentioned programs (all but League of Legends & Epic Games Launcher) I went to to download World of Warcraft Classic that has just come out. Its about 3.5GB. I start the download and notice that its downloading at ~50KB/s. I pay for 120MB/s so that was very odd. Then after a few more seconds the download stops and says it has disconnected from the internet.

When I go to Firefox however, I can load websites like Google, Youtube, and youtube. But almost all other websites I try don't load and it says the connection has timed out. The only way to solve this problem is to restart my computer. Then the internet is fine again. Note, while this happens to me, everyone else in the house still has internet.

I was able to download League of Legends overnight, which is a much much bigger download but it still was downloading at ~50KB/s. This doesn't make sense because my brother who is on the same internet is downloading at faster speeds with a worse computer.

When I try to download Fortnite through the Epic Games Laucher the exact same thing happens as with WoW. Internet slows down completely and pretty much disconnects and I can only go on 4-5 websites. I have to restart the computer to fix this problem.

This can't be launcher specific because downloading across the board is super slow on this computer. I've never downloaded at KBs ever.

Things I have tried:

- ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
through the CMD prompt

- netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log
through the CMD prompt

- Turn off firewall

- Turn off Antivirus and even uninstall it

- Went into my router settings and disabled "UPnP" under the advanced settings. This helped a few other people with the same problem in another thread.

- Programs that were destroying the internet (Battle/net & Epics Game Launcher) I removed then and re-installed

One thing to note: I downloaded Driver Easy today and it did say I had 24 drivers out of date. Could this be because I bought the PC in 2018 and havent turned it on since 2019 (8 months later) and things are out of date? I am downloading the driver updates and going to manually install them. I'm just not sure if the drivers are actually out of date or they are just telling me it is so I buy their program. Do you guys think the problem is my drivers are out of date? If not what else can I try?

Thanks a bunch guys for any help you can give. Cheers
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Before doing anything else use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

Identify what resources are being used and to what extent plus what is actually using that resource.

Very likely that after all that time there were overdue updates with respect to the OS, some drivers, and some applications.

When the computer was booted up there was probably a bit of a "rush" for various updates by software "phoning home". Plus you downloaded quite a bit and some of those downloads may have been just some sort of installers that are now trying to do or complete their job.

Driver Easy - I prefer to download, install, and configure drivers myself. And only one driver at time with testing to ensure that all is well before doing something else.

Work out what is launching (Task Manager, Startup tab) and running on your system.

Some of those tasks are probably fair game to be disabled either temporarily or forever. Especially being a new computer that probably had all sorts of "crapware" installed. That stuff commonly causes problems; either directly or indirectly.