Internet Connection Insanely Slow, Timing Out, but Nothing Seems Wrong?


Jul 13, 2015
I've had pretty perfect internet for a few years, but a few days ago everything just started slowing to a halt. For hours at a time, I will be unable to load even a google search, or click "next page" without it taking several minutes or just timing out altogether (either blank screening or saying Secure Connection Failed or any other error).

At first I thought it was a virus, so I cleaned my laptop completely - no infection found but I cleaned up all the junk. Then I noticed the issue was on EVERY device: wired desktop, wireless laptop, PS3, IPhone... Everything becomes like this. So not a virus, and definitely a network issue, right?

So I checked my router and modem next, but they seem completely fine. No notification lights out, I made sure the router channel wasn't congested, the logs showed no abnormal activity, and the modem's RSSI is within optimal range.

Strangest of all, despite internet access continually timing out, I ran a continuous ping test with absolutely zero abnormalities over the entire problem time! Which means I had internet access, but still nothing loaded??

I don't think it's an ISP thing either, because I've never had this issue before and no one in the apartment complex has it either. But that rules out every scenario I've got, so I have no idea what to do next. Any help would be most appreciated.

If it helps, the slowdown is the worst at night, after 10pm or so (so bad I couldn't even make this post at home). During the day it's a bit more manageable, but my connection remains unstable constantly, and kicks me off frequently each hour.


Jul 6, 2015
I been having problems too.. there were some new microsoft updates i found and it seemed to help updating Java for some reason. with windows 10 coming its gonna be a little wonky probly for a few weeks.


Jul 10, 2015

You can try updating the drivers or choosing roll back drivers.
Steps on how to do this

Windows start menu, search Device manager, go to network adapters and locate the network cable, double click on it, go to driver and either choose update driver or rollback driver.
If rollback driver is grayed out it means you can't downgrade any more so choose update instead

Hope this helps you both


May 27, 2015
It could be a mixture of things that are causing this problem. First of all, what ISP are you using? If it continues to slow down try emailing/contacting you ISP and with evidence that you have a problem and slower broadband than you paid for

It could also be a old router, old cables to your house, ethernet cables, etc. But I think the most likely is the ISP, thats what normally causes the internet problems.

I had the same issue once, day after day I couldn't get online to do anything. But we contacted Talktalk and they fixed the problem.

Hope this helps :)

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