Feb 15, 2016
Hi everyone. I have a long and a very weird issue that I am experiencing with windows 10.
So I am gonna start off by saying I am a die hard win 7 user. I recently bought a new monitor with free sync enabled after nvidia update which can allow g-sync to function on free sync monitors. I have a GTX 1060 6 GB. I didnt know that this feature is only working on win 10. So with all my disappointment and pain, I downloaded the microsoft tool to upgrade my os to the latest version of win 10 for free (1809). I chose to keep my files and apps.

So I upgraded and it wasnt as bad as I was expecting, everything was working properly with a slight decrease in performance compared to win 7. I installed the new updates and started using my pc normally like before.

Now to the issue, after around 2 days from upgrading, my wifi connection stopped working properly (I use a usb adaptor). The ping became so bad and very unstable, it keeps going up and down with a very weird way that didnt use to happen before. My internet download speed used to be around 50 mbps (according to the online speed test tools), and now its 0.3 or 0.06 or around that. Upload speed didnt change. Let me clarify this: it happened so suddenly and randomly. No one else is experiencing this problem except me on my pc. All other devices at my home are having normal internet connection like always.

Workarounds that I tried for 5 days that did NOT work:
  • Uninstall and reinstall wifi driver.
  • Use another usb wifi adaptor.
  • Tried another usb outlet.
  • Win 10 updates created a restore point so I recovered my system to that restore point.
  • Resetting network from "Network and Internet settings".
  • Used ethernet cable. It is very strange that it worked for a day and I got full speed then it stopped and I started getting same speed like wifi.
  • Installed win 10 again.
  • Updated my motherboard drivers.
  • Scanned my device with antivirus.
  • And ofc turned my router off and on.
Also I noticed that I am getting much lower fps in games that I used to get arou 60 on, now I am getting no more than 40 with major and severe fps drops.

As I am so lost, I really have no clue what is the reason or what can be done to fix it.

If you reached here than congratulations and I really appreciate your efforts of reading this for me. I am so lost from this. I didnt bother posting in microsoft because they are very reasonable and comprehensive and they wont reply with crap like: restart your router. Ring your ISP. Disconnect and connect your wifi stick. (Sarcasm.. they definetly will).

In my last few brain cells that are left, I guess the only things remaining I can do:
  1. Perform a clean install with removing everything on the pc and formatting the drives
  2. Downgrade to windows 7. Also I will lose my files with that.
  3. Install a different built of win 10 and try it out.
What do you think? Any help or ideas are very appreciated.
Thank you.


which hardware are you using exactly? gpu, cpu, motherboard, USB wifi

chipset drivers installed for your motherboard? BIOS is up to date?

any third party tuning apps, firewalls installed? Which antivirus did you install? All windows updates done?

run 3dmark basic edition , click on compare result online after that and post the address from your upcoming browser window