Question Internet connection works with WiFi but not with ethernet?

Miguel Ecle

Feb 24, 2014
Hi there,

I just upgraded my ISP to a new company with internet connection of 100MB, I used to have 15MB and was using ethernet cable and WiFi and all worked like charm without any drops.
Now when I use the ethernet cable with the 100MB there are 2 scenarios:
  1. Once I browse the internet or do anything that involve using the internet connection, it immediately disconnect and reconnect again. And that happens again and again. (I use the same cable I used with my 15MB connection)
  2. With my old ISP (15MB) when I speedtest I get download speed of 10-15MB and with my 100MB ISP it's 27-40MB (*) , when I use the wifi with my 100MB I do get the new speed but with my ethernet I still get max 10-15MB
I have no much knowledge with networking but Is it possible that my ethernet cable doesn't support 100MB and thats what make those two scenarios?
Also about the (*), why speed test show 27-40MB if I have a 100MB connection?

Thanks in advance!
So you have two different problems here--one is that your wifi adapter may not be new enough for the fastest speeds, and two that your ethernet cable may not be good.

The first thing I would do is boot up a linux live cd/usb and see if you get better results there or not. If you don't, you have a cable and wifi adapter to upgrade.