[SOLVED] Internet connectivity problem. Need REAL help


Jun 11, 2015
So right around after I installed a new version of Windows 10 on my desktop my wifi connectivity started acting weird (no way to have a wired connection). I could game and stream for about an hour before it would just stop receiving a connection. However the windows wifi applet would still say "Connected, secured". I would have to connect and then disconnect from my access point and it would happen all over again. I've tried just about everything to fix it. this is only happening to this device. my Microsoft surface and PS4 are not having any problems.
Steps taken so far:
1. Ran windows troubleshooter
The results said that my dns server wasn't responding. As a result I reset my router. no luck. only made it worse.
2. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for my internet controller and adapter. no luck.
3. Tried flushing my dns and resetting my IP release. no luck.
4. Tried a new adapter and different USB ports. no luck.
5. Also tried manually setting the dns server to googles dns. nothing.
6. Tried changing my power settings to max performance for wireless and disabling power save setting where windows will shut devices off. same result.
7. I finally made an appointment with my ISP to check the network and he said it was fine.
I think its safe to say it's the device at this point. my best guess would be the firewall but I have no idea how to tweak that. I'm using windows defender and windows firewall.
It has been a few weeks since i started trying to trouble shoot an no guides have helped so far. at this point I can only stay connected for about 30 seconds and I get kicked off. Then it lets me back on and repeats.
if it gets any worse I'm going to reinstall windows because I've just about had it.
if Pictures or video is needed I can provide.
Make sure your router and wifi access point aren't using the same ip and also only 1 DHCP server is running. Log into both and check the settings. If that's the issue you will have trouble connecting to both at the same time.