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Question Internet cuts out and stays off until download is finished

Mar 8, 2019
Hey guys,
i hope you guys can help me with this little problem of mine. As the thread states whenever i start a download either on my device or any other device that is connected to the internet the net cuts out.
Only the download on that device works but nothing else does. Until that download is finished or is stopped the internet just doesn't work.
I use a wired connection on my computer and whenever i start a download that's exactly what happens and even on my phone too which obviously uses wireless.
Someone plz help me with this cause i can't find any forums that do
That is somewhat strange but not unexpected sometimes. It should just run really slow on other devices. Most download programs have the ability to limit the maximum download speed. Set it to say 1/2 your bandwidth and see if that makes things better. By default download programs attempt to use all the bandwidth.
It's normal to cause slowness and latency. It shouldn't give you full disconnects. It's likely the ISP oversized your buffer. Fixing that doesn't really make much useable while you are downloading but you shouldn't get timeouts on everything.

When you are downloading something start doing a ping from command prompt to (cloudflare)
If your buffer is oversized you will see 3000+ ms a normal sized buffer should keep latency down below 200ms.
5000+ms will cause devices to think they are offline.