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Question Internet cuts out at night every night.


Jun 12, 2015
Greetings! So I have a simple set up of a modem connected to the router. It was working fine for a few weeks then suddenly 3 days ago, out of the blue, the internet cut at some point at night. Since then it has done that every night. To fix it, I have to power down both the modem and the router and unplug the ethernet cable from the router. Then power everything on and plug the cable back in. It then works great throughout the day.

I have called my internet company and they said it looks like the modem is working fine on their end.

I haven't changed any configs or done anything different it just started randomly doing this. Any ideas would be appreciated!
Maybe you should not use solar panels to run your modem :)

Is it a cable modem or is it something else. Cable modems you can generally get in and look at the log messages. A hardware issues you should see messages about it disconnecting.

What happens if you connect your PC directly to the modem and then leave that on over night. I would set the pc to not go to sleep or low power modem and just turn off the monitor.

When you have the pc connected how long is the DHCP lease time. You should see it ipconfig /all. I would hope they have it set to more than 1 day,
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