Question Internet cutting out constantly - DNS problem

Jul 21, 2019
Currently all the Windows 10 PC's in the house are acting up with the same DNS problem, which is making it impossible to use the internet. We get about 1 second of connection before it cuts out for a minute (if we're lucky we can get about a minute of internet). This problem is happening with a PC connected via wifi and with a PC connected via ethernet cable, but we've had no issues on my MacBook.
As soon as we open Chrome we get a 'DNS server not responding'. We've also tried using Google's DNS and OpenDNS etc but the problem still persists.
We think the problem started after we set up a TP-Link Deco mesh system around the house, but we've tried messing with the settings and nothing has worked.


Might want to see if the firmware for the wireless router has updates pending. You can then try and look at all system's in your household and see if reinstalling their networking adapter drivers changes your experience. Speaking of experience, what version of Windows 10 are all your system's on?
This doesn't sound like issues on individual systems. Is DHCP configured to give out the correct DNS server/device address? (assuming computer's DNS settings aren't statically set)

Do the following on a couple Windows 10 systems -

Open up a command or powershell prompt
Type "nslookup" and hit enter
Type "" and hit enter
Type "" and hit enter
Type "" and hit enter
Type "exit" and hit enter

Copy and paste your results here. If DNS is working properly, your results should give you a valid DNS server, show you querying that DNS server, and the results from that DNS server.

Please obfuscate personally identifying information, if any