Question Internet cutting out (I'm running multiple switches).


Mar 28, 2015
I'm trying to set up all my internet at my house, and it keeps cutting out when I plug in my ethernet cable. I have TDS as my provider and they have me setup with the EERO wireless system. I have one switch coming off of the cable from the modem to be able to give internet to the router, and pc ( the EERO only has one ethernet port on it). I then had that cable running into another room to another switch to give it to my pc, ps4, and xbox one.

So I decided i wanted to run the cable under the floor to get it out of the way, it now ends up next to the router they installed for the fiber optic feed. Now the problem starts. It seems like only one of the four LAN ports on the router is active, is this a thing?

So I tried to put another switch off of the router to give internet to my pc stuff and a cable for my roomates pc. the EERO works fine when that is the only thing plugged in, but as soon as I plug in my pc ethernet cable the wifi shuts out. Is it that I am running too many switches on the network? Am I able to get other ports on the router activated? is it something on TDS's end? Any help would be amazing thanks. If nothing else I will just go back to my old setup that worked, I was just trying to hid the cables and not have them running along the floor.


What type of Ethernet cables did you run? What is printed along the length of the cable(s) you are using?

Did you use those flat cables that are intended to go under a rug, etc.?

Or perhaps CCS which are actually Copper Clad Aluminum?

Both are substandard for Ethernet connectivity and should not be use.

Update your post to include router and switch information: make, model, etc.

Are you able to provide a simple sketch or diagram of the overall network connections in use?
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