Question Internet Disconnects Randomly [Windows 10]

Jun 21, 2020
Hi everyone. Last year, I bought pc parts and built a computer with my dad's help. Earlier this year, I would say early spring, my internet has become increasingly unstable. By that I mean that it disconnects constantly, it may be every 30 minutes one day, every 10 minutes, or it might be fine for a whole day.

There are three gaming platforms that the internet refuses to function on, so I know that it is not because of these platforms. The platforms I am experiencing trouble with are:
Rockstar Social Club (Grand Theft Auto 5)
Steam (Team Fortress 2)
Xbox Live on Windows 10 (Forza Horizon 4)

All three of these games can not hold steady internet connections and it is making the games unplayable. The only thing I know my computer isn't doing is turning off the internet to save power, because I have told it not to. Is this an internet provider problem, or is it a setting in my computer? Thanks in advance for any help.