Question internet disconnects when playing games


Dec 20, 2015
i was at college for a few months, and came back for thanksgiving break. now that I'm back, my PC disconnects from the internet whenever i'm playing a game. It ONLY happens when a game is open, such as Valorant or COD: Warzone. It is connected by ethernet to my wi-fi extender upstairs. Might I add, it disconnects the extender completely, but my main router downstairs stays on. Has anyone else experienced this, and can anyone offer any fixes? Thank you so much!
Hooking you pc with ethernet to a wifi extender does not solve wifi problems other than maybe if you don't get signal where your PC is. It really isn't any different than say using a USB wifi nic card.

It just means the extender is likely losing the wifi signal from the router. It maybe seeing too many errors or I guess there could be something wrong with the extender.

Gaming traffic is a bit different than most other traffic. It sends as well as receives data. Most other traffic is mostly download/receive traffic.

It is all the standard wifi stuff you try. Check the signal levels on the extender. Maybe change the radio channel or maybe test changing between 2.4 and 5.

If possible move the ethernet cable to the main router. You might consider other technology like moca or powerline rather than using wifi to play games.