Internet Driver Issues, Please help

Jul 2, 2018
Hello, recently installed windows 7 on my hp, had to reset my computer after a windows 10 update crashed my computer, I have got the recommended network drivers installed but I cannot get them to work? I have been trying to connect through ethernet but to no avail

please help me I'm desperate

Saga Lout

Those drivers were probably updated to ones that only work in Windows 10. What drivers show up in Device Manager? Take the information from the Hardware tab and look in up in another PC that has access to the Net and you should find the right driver.
to the op if your pc had windows 10 use the windows media creation tool to make a new windows 10 iso boot usb stick. as the pc had windows 10 you still have a vailid windows 10 digital key. all you need to do during the install when it ask for a key is click skip. as you installed 7 on your hp your going to need to install the mb chipset drivers first before any other device will work.