Question Internet drop out on random devices

Oct 19, 2020
Hi all.

Having trouble with my internet dropping out on random devices.

The setup at present is:
Netgear night hawk router/modem in the main house then a Dlink extender into the 2nd house which connects 2 pcs via cables and several wireless devices.

The issue: randomly one or more devices will stop working, regardless if there connected on the night hawk Wi-Fi or connected by the dlink extender with Wi-Fi or cable.

The internet error message usually says "dns probe failed" or "dns took to long to respond" .

If you try to Google or search the page will sometimes load after 5+ minutes.

All other devices work fine. If you wait an hour or so it starts working again on some devices.

I've manage to 'fix" some devices, the smart tv by going into the modem and doing the below steps.

  1. Ban the device
  2. Restart the modem
  3. Deleting the device
  4. Rejoin the Wi-Fi
However this fix doesn't work on 1 of the ps4s I have connected. I manage to fix the problem one by connecting it with a cable.

Now when that ps4 turns on i lose internet on one of the pcs.

I feel like it might be and ip address assigning issue but I'm not sure.

Please let me know if you need more information.