Internet dropped A TON please help


May 26, 2014
Hello I share my internet with my family. But I am mainly the one which uses it. My mum only goes on whatsapp and my sis watched a bit of youtube and my dad downloads torrents once in a while. We never had any problems with my dads torrenting but now the internet is jammed up. we used to get a very good 17MB easy. But one day after coming home from school It dropped WAY TOO MUCH. I went on my laptop and on Opera Next I couldn't open ANYTHING. So I refreshed the laptop and restarted. Then I tried again but still no reply so I thought it was a browser problem so I tried Chrome, and IE9, no luck. So I thought it was a virus which I would fix later. I went down to the family PC where my dad torrents and he was at work but the computer was seeding so i didn't touch it. I tried the internet on it and no luck. So I completely exited Utorrent and shut down the PC and tried my laptop. I was able to run a speed test after 12 minutes. And my internet was at a horrendous 40kb !!!!!!! That was Yesterday. Today i went up to 70KB and I tried resetting modem and now it was at 120 KB then it fell down to 50KB. It is so slow plz help. And the worst thing is it is friday, And ONLY on Saturday friday and sunday am I allowed online games it would be helpful if you could give a answer today plz.

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