Question Internet dropping at random times for a short period then reconnects.

Nov 10, 2021
Hi all,

I recently moved into a new apartment and had Ziply fiber installed into my unit. Everything worked great for a week or so until the service started to randomly disconnect me from everything, wired or wireless for around 5-30 seconds and come back on by itself. The drops seem random to me, getting worse and better at times and happen at all times of day. My wired PC, and wireless phones and laptops are all subject to drops. No lights change on the modem or router and I'm currently at a loss of where to continue. I've had two techs come out so far that have tested the wiring back to their equipment and they can't seem to find any issues.

So far I've:
  1. Replaced their supplied router with my own, TP-Link Archer A6 & updated the firmware
  2. Pinged,, and my default gateway and found that during drops only and fail to ping.
  3. Tech replaced the jack in the wall as well as the cable connecting to the modem, model Nokia F-010G-1
The only clue I feel I might have is that when wired directly into the modem, the default gateway fails to ping (as well as etc.), but the IPv4 address will ping.

I'm at a loss of where to continue. I'd like to do some more investigating myself so I'm better prepared to ask for more support from my ISP. This problem is incredibly annoying, as I can't play any games without having to use a mobile hotspot.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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It really sounds like you have your internet going down no matter what the ISP says. This is more likely based on how your describe when connected to the modem/ont.

Do you have any access at all to the ONT. Can you see any logs or power levels.

In any case run tracert to When you are connected via your router the first hop will be your router. The second hop will likely be the same IP you see on the modem as the gateway when you plug directly in.

What you want to do is show the ISP that you get no loss to your router so your PC is fine but you see loss to their first router. This can be a bunch of stuff that really only the ISP can fix but maybe the ONT can give you a clue as to what is wrong so you can help the ISP. The ISP for sure can see the signal levels and errors in the ONT just depends if they rig it so you can see this.