How To Internet drops on a newly built computer? (Wired/Ethernet) [TUTORIAL FIX]


Apr 11, 2019
NOTICE/CAUTION/ACTHUNG: This tutorial made in mind for Windows 10 users, Microsoft ruined GUI on many panels of settings in Windows 11 so cannot help you there I'm afraid.


EDIT: If you do not have that tab, update your network drivers from realtek or Intel.

1. Possible fix

Search box>Device Manager>(confirm UAC)>Network adapters>right click your home adapter your using>properties>Advanced tab>(look carefully in that tiny window lists properties of your adapter)>
ENERGY EFFICIENT ETHERNET(EEE) = turn it off/disable. Next: GREEN/Lite ETHERNET = turn it off/disable. Turn it off related other settings with almost same name. Reboot computer.
Next: Power Management tab = uncheck first entry.

2. Possible fix
If everything else fails, switch to higher setting of "Interrupt Moderation" in that advanced tab of your network adapter main window. That setting "adaptive" by default.

3. Possible fix
Certain AMD Ryzen CPUs can "screen freeze" the network connections and it's adapter, when this happens, you will notice your desktop right down bottom where system tray icons stay, you may see missing icons, empty spaces in system tray or broken icon images. From what I understand after some testing in my own PC, rebooting helps, but that happens ONLY IF YOU DID NOT USED YOUR PC FOR A LONG TIME, like you went vacation and computer stayed off for a week, month.
Also, window pop up appear slowly and some weird indicators. I believe this is a AMD issue because my Windows 10 is latest build in that pc too, final version of Win10. (Microsoft already set deadline for 10 to force everyone to windows 11) so that means my computer already got all the fixes and updates.
Also2: unplug/replug ethernet cable also helps but make sure your PC is off and you see that ethernet orange/blue colours blinked and then stayed static.

I was one of the people asking for help all over the Internet about this issue, it seems Interrupt Moderation lacks power when in adaptive and/or your network adapter comes with default energy saver settings which can drop connection VERY quickly. My computer was AMD motherboard and Ryzen CPU which newly built. My CPU in that pc is Ryzen 5 3600 with Realtek network adapter.

I understand we need to protect things in tech and reduce footprint in energy, but these settings in EVERY SINGLE network adapters on NEWLY BUILT COMPUTERS literally causing so much headache.

I hope this helps you and have a great day,