Question Internet drops when playing PC video games


Jul 15, 2015
By the way, I'm using a TP Link USB WiFi Adapter.
When I use my PC usually, the internet will work absolutely fine. Even screen sharing (HD) on Discord works fine, with no internet dropouts. The internet also works fine on everything on my smartphone, PS4, laptop, etc, with no cutouts or errors.

When I try to play a game like UNO, it will work temporarily, until after one game, I will be randomly disconnected.
When I try to play a game like Satisfactory, when I load up the game, and try to create an online session or join an online session, it will say that the connection failed. I then close Satisfactory (at this point the WiFi symbol shows that it's okay), open Epic Games to see if the connection is dropped. When I try to sign in, the yellow exclamation mark appears on the WiFi symbol.
At first I thought it could be the router being overloaded so stopping the connection, but Satisfactory and Epic Games take far less network usage than Discord. I have tried opening the ports 5222 and 6666 for both UDP and TCP, allowed the Satisfactory app through the firewall (both exe's). Furthermore, my phone stays connected to Discord when this happens (btw, I call on Discord on my phone usually as my pc doesn't have a mic. So when the internet drops on my PC, if it was a router issue, surely discord would disconnect on my phone? So I'm unsure.

Any help is greatly appreciated!