Question Internet goes from 280mbs to 20mbs after i start game and stays like that for the rest of the day

Jan 12, 2020
Hey guys

So, I play Smite, an online MMORPG game for about 3 years now.
2 months ago it started out of the blue. My screen freezes midgame for 2-5 seconds. That's HUGE!
My ping and fps are stable while gaming till my game freezes, nothing happens for 2-5 seconds and then half a second before my game unfreezes my ping and fps go red. immediately after everything goes back to a stable ping and fps and i can game further.

Weird thing is that my download speed is a steady 280mb/s, i can stream without problems (netflix) and browse without problems before i start the game. Once i start my game and do the speedtest a minute later again my download speed is between 20mb/s and 50mb/s. Not only on my personal computer but also on my girlfriends and on our phones. Even if i close the game, restart computer, reset modem/router it stays between 20 - 50mb/s. Even after 00:00. When i go to sleep and try the next day internet is good again, steady 280mb/s. Till i start up my game again and internet is gone. SO WEIRD.

So, i tried a lot of things:
  1. update all drivers on my pc
  2. antivirusscan with avg antivirus, cc cleaner for all the things left behind, and malwarebytes
  3. deleted my game with all the games attached to it like paladins etc.. with geek uninstaller ( so that all the files would be removed) and then reinstalled everything
  4. tried playing the game in 64 bit and 32 bit
  5. went from wifi (worked in the past with no problems) to cable.
  6. called my provider. Got a new router from them and a new internet cable
  7. did a hard reset on my pc (wiped everything off it, on C and on D drive)
Nothing of the above worked.

I've read a few fora already and i'm gonna pre-answer some obvious questions that might come.

  • If i watch Netflix before gaming: high quality and no waiting to load. If i watch Netflix after i start the game: Lower quality (sometimes not even 240p). Doesn't matter if i close the game or not, low quality and poor internet stays.
  • My laptop can handle the game... Acer aspire VN7-792G, 16gb ram, 250 ssd, Geforce gtx 960M, i7-6700HQ cpu @ 2.60GHz.
  • Doesn't happen on specific hours of the day so can't blaim it on heavy internet usage in my street or from my neighbors.
Specialist of my internet provider came today. Internet is fine he says. He thinks the problem may be in the game itself. How do i fix a problem that maybe is in the game itself?

Please help me cause i'm desperate.

Thanks in advance
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