Internet gone with a new modem/router


Sep 27, 2010
Back to Tom's crying for help...
Today my dad upgraded our Rogers internet and with it came a new modem router (Sisco). Last night and for a year and a half I had stable internet through my crossover cable, but this morning when I plugged into the new modem not only the port I plugged my cable into doesn't blink, my computer port doesn't blink yellow at all. I have called customer support, reinstalled the factory network driver...How the hell did I lose internet with a modem switch.
Could the problem be the crossover cable?
Also we run 2 wired computers and 1 wireless laptop. Dad's computer works fine, my laptop picks up wireless, but my wired desktop fails at getting the net. I tried to switch ports, but all of them seem to work for my dad's computer.

Any suggestions are well appreciated,