Question Internet has become progressively worse to unusable on Asus AC68 1900

Mar 14, 2019
I bought this Wifi Adapter about 2 months ago and has been causing problems ever since although now its reached a tipping point.

It started off with really stable ping and Download speed but has now progressed to an unstable and slow mess.

I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them multiple times and it has stopped fixing the issue.
I have no access to the router as i am in a dorm and the issue is not the router because there are multiple hotspots in my area and my laptop is fine with them, its just my main pc which has the issue.
There are 2 versions of that depending if it is usb or pci. Both are consider best devices in many reviews. Still every company has defective equipment so maybe that particular adapter is bad.

There is not much you can set or change on wifi. You already have the most important thing you can control and that is being able to move the antenna away from the back of the case. Other than that pretty much the only other thing you can control is if you are using 2.4g or 5g. That depends on the router actually giving you a SSID that will let you select.

You are going to have massive issue in any dorm especially if they are letting people run their own hotspots. You have a massive amount of radio signals in a very small area trying to use the small amount of radio bandwidth the government has allowed wifi to function on.