Question Internet in a basement like room

Dec 29, 2020
Moving into a basement like room. Currently lacking broadband/ Internet. Connected to upstairs WiFi right now but it really doesn't work. Currently no phone line, what options do I have?
Mar 26, 2021
I running tests in a family members basement. On day six. After looking at the data it works all day and will work with a 20 dollar wireless router. The one I have has 3, 5 dbi antennas, and then I use another cooler looking wireless router as the one that provides wireless internet but a direct line from the lab port to provide a Ethernet connection. It’s a older house, from what I hear before 1986, but ya it can work and work very well. Power lines are expensive and you can have some nasty hiccups from other stuff that’s needs electricity. It’s up to you want to do and what you need the internet for. But it can work for gaming, and that works then a lot of other forms of internet use shouldn’t be trouble, and the floor is a high quality type of wood above me, and the main cable modem/router is on the floor.


As has been posted you have options available.

However: "Connected to upstairs WiFi right now but it really doesn't work."

More information needed: What does not work? What errors and/or problems are occurring?

System hardware specs and OS information?

Make and model wireless network adapter? Router - make and model?

There could be some immediate things you can try to remedy the problem(s).

Then, if nothing works, look at those options.


If there is a COAX tv cable in the upstairs, that runs down to the basement. You can buy MOCA adapters to connect between the 2 using that cable. This would be the best solution, free from interference.

If not, then as suggested, get Powerline adapters. They work great.

3rd choice is a wifi extender on the middle floor between the router and basement.