Internet is going really slow and just got a new router


Nov 20, 2012
I have ATT U-Verse and it was good until about a month ago. Starting a month ago, the internet would go out each Sunday night at 9 PM and stay out for the rest of the night.

After this happening three times I finally got a new router (supplied for free from U-Verse) and that fixed the "going out at 9 PM on Sundays" problem. However, now my internet is constantly going really slow.

Web pages are taking longer to load, downloads sometimes take really long, and my brother can't game (online) half the time he tries because its too laggy for him.

Is there anyway to find out what's causing this? Every time I've called U-Verse it's the same thing (Please reset your router) and it doesn't fix it.

I'm so annoyed that I'm almost ready to leave U-Verse but if there's a simple way to fix it then I'd rather do that.

Thanks so much.