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Question Internet is slow

Jan 17, 2020
I use my mobile hotspot to browse the internet on my pc and mobile but the internet seems to be a little slow on my pc and faster on my mobile. Like, it's not slow on my pc as i get 3MB/s but i get to see some loading screens and some latency on my pc and not my my phone. Can this type of thing happen on a slow computer like when you click domnwaldo the processor and ram take some time to start the download and as my mobile phone pretty new and snappy it does all the processoing faster and then lets the net do th rest and then my pc cannot do these things that dast so it takes some time to start the donwlad.
Phones and computers really can't be compared to one another as they run completely different operating systems and connect differently. A phone is native to the cell network so data will be a lot quicker than a hotspot which is using the phone for wireless and then again wireless for ethernet. Anytime you have wireless there's a chance for a slow down.

The speed of a computer has some bearing on how fast a system can download, but if you have a computer that's been made in the last 10 years, you shouldn't have an issue with most Internet plans except maybe a gigabit one.