Question Internet issue on PC but no other devices

Feb 24, 2021
As a college student and gamer I spend much of quarantine on the internet. Recently my pc has started to lose internet connection while I’m using it, the only confusing parts are the internet still works on all other devices and in some cases it doesn’t die all at once. (I was streaming a game on twitch while in discord and suddenly discord stopped connecting to the internet but my game and twitch stream stayed up, all web browsers and other apps couldn’t connect either, once I restarted the game and twitch stream they had no internet either)
When the internet first goes out I always try switching to WiFi (my computer is always plugged into Ethernet) but none of our house wifi connection will work and even a hotspot from my phone cannot be connected to. (WiFi says “no internet, secured”) the whole time I don’t have connection the Ethernet symbol in the bottom right of the screen stays on as opposed to showing the globe that appears when you aren’t connected to anything, and tells me that I’m connected to the internet.
The error message that web browsers give says “this site can’t be reached, __ ‘s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem”
If I run windows diagnostics I get one of two responses. One says there’s an issue in the connection between my router and my pc, and the other says that it’s an issue with my router and I should restart it.
Completely shutting down and unplugging my computer used to fix the issue, but now it only seems to fix itself when I restart the router, but as I have two roommates in online classes just as I am, I can’t turn off the WiFi until all of us are out of classes.
I don’t want to have to restart my router every single day, but I also need the internet for classes and using my pc. Anyone have a fix for this weird internet issue?