Question Internet Keeps Cutting Out, Only a Reboot Will Fix It


Apr 2, 2018
I have a new custom built computer that's a couple months old. Nearly everything in it is brand new, and aside from a few hiccups along the way, it's been running great so far. This changed recently, however, when all of a sudden my internet started to randomly cut out when I'm using it. Every time it goes out, I'll try to disconnect and reconnect it through the internet access system tray menu, but it never reconnects. I've been able to determine that it is, in fact, an issue with my PC and not my internet, as all other devices run WiFi just fine whenever this happens. What's even weirder is that whenever I try to do anything further with the internet access menu, it will often just simply stop responding. A couple times I've even tried putting my computer in sleep mode, just to see if that would be enough to get it to reconnect, but whenever I do this and relaunch windows, I become unable to even open the internet access menu. Nothing short of a complete reboot will get my internet going again, I haven't been able to find any thing else that works

Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be causing this? Because I'm really getting fed up with having to reboot my computer on a daily basis, often during the most incovenient times, like during an online game. My WiFi receiver is built into my motherboard (an Asus TUF Z390-PLUS Gaming) and it came with an WiFi antenna, which I set up and is currently sitting on top of the tower.


first determine if the issue is software or hardware based.
Boot to a USB drive with linux on it. grab a USB drive, a copy of rufus and a linux distribution. has tons of differing linux distributions and download links. I personally am fond of linux mint with cinnamon. the utility used to extract the ISO file to the USB drive.

use rufus to extract the selected ISO to the thumb drive. it will make the drive bootable and you can run linux from the drive once done.
Reboot into linux and proceed to test the hardware. connect to internet, watch videos, await problems.
if linux is good and stable the issue is most likely inside windows or otherwise software related.
this is a test of the hardware.

if Iinux does the same thing the problem is the hardware itself, losing power or other issues and adding another network adapter would be the solution. if linux is stable on the wifi and works like a dream the issue MUST be in windows or a driver therein.