Question Internet Keeps Disconnecting While Gaming


Apr 27, 2019
Recently my internet connection to my pc has been disconnecting while gaming causing me to be kicked out of the games and discord calls im in, then randomly reconnects like 30 seconds later. Normally this wouldnt be a huge problem but its been happening once every 10 minutes at this rate and its unusable. Im using a wired connection and weirdly enough this only happens while gaming, i can be watching youtube for hours and itll never happen - at least i dont notice it happen, but as soon as i start gaming it starts acting up.

Ive used windows to try troubleshooting the problem both when its disconnected and when its connected. When its disconnected there isnt a problem and all it says is "Connect an enthernet adapter" or something along those lines, but when its connected and up itll just come out with no problems at all. I've noticed though that when it does disconnect, the wire to the internet has its lights off near the connector (usually the connector flashes a green/yellow light when the internet is on).

When the internet on my pc is off, nothing else is off though, every device like my phone is connected just fine so it leads me to believe that its a problem with either my enthernet cable or my pc/motherboard (im plugging the cable into the motherboard port, not a pcie adapter of any sorts). I dont have a spare cable to test with as the cable im using is 75ft long and has to be to reach my pc, so i would like to know if its a problem with the pc itself rather than going out to buy a whole new cable.

This is the symbol that shows up when my internet gets disconnected

im not sure of the model of my router but i do know its a technicolor model, if the exact model is needed i will happily provide it.