Question Internet not going over 100 mbps one day on another ?

Nov 25, 2020
so we upgraded our internet and it was showing over 100 mbps on at least 2 pc's
and one day on another my pc doesnt get over 100 mbps anymore and a fey months later the other pc doesnt go over 100 mbps either
cable related
any usuall thing of drivers

I have searched all the forums on this i never found a solution pls help me i need that 200 mbps
after an update
build in failure of the networking over 100 mbps
It may depend on the exact number you get. If you get consistently in say 90-95mbps range that is almost always a port that is running at 100mbps. Since it affects multiple machines it is likely the connection between the router and the modem. See if your router has the ability to display the port speeds. In cases like this you need to really hope the problem IS a cable. The only other real alternative is the port is bad. There is nothing much software wise, you can force the port to 100mbps but the auto detect is mostly a hardware function and drives do not have much impact.

I would also check the port speeds on your pc. If both pc are gigabit I would try to transfer files between the machines. This will test your machines themselves. Copy large files so they run for a while you can see the rates in the resource monitor network tab. Be careful some of these numbers are BYTES/sec.

If all your ports are running at gigabit both in the router and the pc and files copy properly then you start to suspect some issue with your internet connection itself. In this case you need to contact the ISP there is not a lot you can do. Maybe something in the modem will give you a clue.