Internet over a Ethernet cable to a router with coax port and 4 Ethernet ports


Jun 14, 2017
I have a old motorola sbg941 router which I intend to use as a wireless AP.
I have another ubiquiti airgateway lr which right now I am using as a
Wireless bridge (which is extending signals from Huawei router downstairs) but the problem is that the airgateway provides internet over Ethernet cable but I wanted to use it over Wi-Fi (I guess it's not possible to use it as a repeater). So if I connect the bridge ethernet (airgateway) to sbg941 Ethernet port(not to coax port) would i get internet wirelessly?

I am not an expert so pls help...

Without me reading all those manuals my guess is it will work.

In the years before the crap "network extenders" for all the idiots came to market you used to have to build your own repeaters. Pretty much all they are is a client-bridge hooked back to back with a AP. It sounds like that is what you are doing. The huge advantage to doing it this way is you are using 2 completely independent radio chips. One to make the connection to the base router and a second to talk to the end clients. It solves many of the issue with poor performance the newer single box single radio repeaters have.

As long as your wireless bridge and router already supports multiple devices (ie it supports WDS) it will work fine.